10pcs Nail Art Color Carbide Grinding Drill Bits Electric Nails Machine Bit Grinding Head Set - B

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- Color Design & Special Drill Bits: This cuticle nail drill bits set is designed with chameleon color and convenient to use and protect skin and portable. The special nail drill bits are pointed and slim. This particular shape helps the bit to get into tight spaces of nails.

- Stronger Material & Highest Precision Standards: Made of hard metal, these nail drill bits have the optimum strength, sharpness, durability, and the vibration-with a powerful cutting ability and free filing consistency you need, all while producing minimum friction which causes heat. To protect from overheating damage with heat resistance.

- 10 Different Tools: Totally 10PCS different nail drill bits, various shapes and sizes meet different kinds of needs. You can reshape, polish, smoothen, grind, sharpen, carve and neaten poly nail gel, gel nails or acrylic nails easily and quickly.

- Multi-functions Nail Bits: Diamond drill bit are ideal nail art tools accomplishing diversified professional jobs such as carving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing and so on. Suitable for natural nails and all gel nails such as gel nail polish, poly nail gel, dip powder, nail extension gel, great tools value for money. Professional manicurist for beginner.

Package Included: 

10 Pcs x
Grinding Heads