17pcs 4 Inch 30-800 Grit Polishing Pads Set for Marble Granite Stone Concrete - C

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GNB1754225-C Handling = 20 Days Made In China




1.Polishing Pads, perfect for cleaning and polishing.

2.Dry use for polishing Marble, rice Yellowstone, ceramic stone, ceramics, glass etc.

3.Commonly used in stone processing and used for stone renovation and stone grinding etc.

4.High efficiency, surface polishing, environmental protection, non-toxic.

5.Strong and durable, good wear resistance and practical.

6.Can be used with a polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.

7.Great for general polishing and able to work with semi-rough finishes to refine them to a smooth luster.

8.Easy to use.

Package Included: (optional)

Type Quantity

1 X 10 Holes Backing Pad Backer

16 X Polishing Pad


1 X 14 Holes Thick Backing Pad Backer(Thickness 2.8CM)

16 X Polishing Pad


1 X 14 Thin Holes Backing Pad Backer(Thickness 2.3CM)

16 X Polishing Pad