220V Electric Temperature Tool Welding Solder Iron Tool 500℃ - 30W

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GNB1531140-30W Handling = 20 Days Made In China




Convenient soldering iron, easy to operate and use.
The heat-dissipating handle design is not hot for long-term use, and the tail handle is designed to be safer.
Plug-in heating core, which is more convenient to use.
The board is double-sided gold plated for stable and safe performance.
Suitable for wood soldering jobs, wood working, hobbies, crafting, home improvement. Also for wood burning, pyrography, engraving, carving, embossing, lettering and decoration on wood, fur, peach bone, cork and leather.

Voltage: AC 220V
Power: 30/40/50W
Soldering Iron Head Temperature: 500℃/530℃/560℃
Cooling Time: 9s
Purpose: Special For Welding
Type: US Plug
Soldering Iron Length: Approx. 24cm
Cable Length: Approx. 130cm
Product Weight: Approx. 121g
Package included:

1 x Electric Soldering Iron