360 Degree Flexible Curved Nozzle All Corner Size Caulking Nozzle 45 Degree Bent Nozzle

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GNB1414153 Handling = 20 Days Made In China




- Folding- enter hard to reach places.
- Stretch-The flexible nozzle makes separate balls. Faucet or push to more ball joints makes it extendable.
- Reusable-Each ball is with standard connection part and can be replaced. Remove old silicone and re-use.
- Genesis flexible Putty silicone nozzle pair pair of flexi nozzles enter these hard to reach places tap or push to more ball joints.
- Use with the tool, makes 360 degrees to caulk easily.
- Ideal for corners, showers and hard to reach spaces.
- The smart and foldable tip is applicable for indoor and outdoor caulking.

Package Included:

1 x Flexible Nozzle