80mm Nozzle Hot Air Station Hot Air Dedicated Nozzles for 852D+ 850 - 8mm

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GNB1338125-8mm Handling = 20 Days Made In China



Features :

High temperature,no leakage,replace convenience,versatility,high quality steel,durable.
A locking screw locking air nozzles to live ,can as per your desire need ,adjust the screw,it is very easy and convenience.
Effectively prevent hot air from the wind and the hot air nozzle outlet pipe tp drain the space between.
Versatility for a variety of hot air rework station to use.

Diameter: 3/5/8/10/mm BGA nozzle
Nozzle Length: 80mm
Package includes :

1 x 80mm Nozzle (3/5/8/10/mm for Optional~)