9Pcs Inch Car Polishing Sponge Pad Kit For Car Cleaning Tools - 7Inch

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* Widely used for all kinds of paint for coating, waxing, sealing glaze and polishing, to clean and improve their lightness; Detailed polishing. Adhesive backing for auto car. Sponge pads can be changed in seconds
* Effective cutting and polishing of the most difficult automotive oxidation coatings, scratches. Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine. Makes the process of polishing and polishing much easier and faster than doing it by hand.
* Six colors: different colored sponges ed have different softness (orange> white> yellow> blue> black, orange and white is coarse polishing, yellow is medium polishing, blue and black is fine polishing), you can choose as you need, suitable for polishing rough and small areas.
* High quality: high quality wool pads, polishing sponges are flexible, washable and reusable.

Package Includes:
6 x 
Polishing Sponge
1 x 
Woolen Buffer Pad
1 x 
M14 Thread Drilling Adapter With Shank