Black Twill Carbon Fiber Plate Sheet Board Weave Carbon Fiber Pannel Various Thickness - 0.5mm

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GNB1444625-0.5mm Handling = 20 Days Made In China



1. Anti-UV.
2. Light weight.
3. High strength, good flexibility.
4. Wear-resistant, impact-resistant.
5. Anti-aging and corrosion resistance.
6. Ideal material for contoured or angled cuts.
7. Apply to medical instruments, cars material, sports goods.
8. Can effectively solve the difficulty of multilayer carbon fiber percolation cloth and the problem of large quantities, reinforcing effect is good, construction is convenient.
9. Used to reinforce concrete floor, bridge plate reinforcement reinforcement, concrete, brick masonry wall, scissors wall reinforcement, bridge pier, pile, such as column, chimney, tunnels, pool, reinforce the reinforcement concrete pipe, etc.
Package Included:
1 x Carbon Fiber Board