DC5V 10W Soldering Iron Stainless Steel Welding Tips I/K/BCS/2C/2.4D Soldering Iron Tip - 1#

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GNB1712161-1# Handling = 20 Days Made In China




1. Portable digital soldering iron with USB type power port supporting 5V/3.5DC standard which can be applied to power bank, recharger, car USB interface, etc.
2. Using latest anti-static design,double-side board
3. Imported heating element with small power,rapid heating,you can desoldering after in for 1 min.
4. Heating faster,thermostat circuit and high stability
5. Large screen of high-definition digital display can display temperature clearly and accurately.
6. Energy-efficient,power consumption 70% lower than ordinary soldering iron,which is more energy conservation and environment protection.
7. The handle with high temperature resistance silica gel tube,comfortable feel and high safety
Package included:

1 x B DC5V 10W Soldering Iron 
Or 5 x Soldering Iron Tips