Offset Cantilever Vented Square Umbrella

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Provide shade and protection from the sun for your outdoor space with this Offset Cantilever Vented Umbrella. It features a metal base that can be weighted with your own patio pavers or bags of sand, or it can be screwed into your deck. The base is offset to allow positioning in tricky spots, such as against a wall, reaching out over a pool or a seating area. Has a vent at the top to allow for airflow to prevent lifting or tipping. The Round Umbrella has an X-shaped base for stability and features an adjustable arm that allows you to adjust the angle and reach of the umbrella. Tilts to the desired position so it's always blocking the sun no matter the time of day. The Square Umbrella has a T-shaped base and an L-shaped pole. Round Umbrella, 103" dia. x 75-1/2"H, open. Square Umbrella, 87" sq. x 102"H, open. Steel and polyester. Assembly required; assembly hardware included.

Adds shade where traditional patio umbrellas can't
Round Umbrella adjusts and tilts to follow the sun
Square Umbrella fits up against a wall
Round Umbrella, 103" dia. x 75-1/2"H, open
Square Umbrella, 87" sq. x 102"H, open
Steel and polyester