Replacement Accessories Vent Cap Gasket Stopper Spout Cap Fuel Gas Can 3.5/4.2cm - 4.2mm

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- Gas can spout is perfect for the homeowner looking to purchase quality product for their lawn care needs.
- Gas can spout and parts kit including white spout, rubber gasket, spout cap, spout stopper cap and vent cap(Gas cans not included).
- Use this fuel spout to refuel your lawnmowers, lawn edgers and trimmers, and other fuel container/can needs, very convenient.
- Easy and convenient to use, large using scope including many fuel cans for industrial machinery refuel, garden machinery refuel, car refuel.
- Stopper cap is used as a cap for the spout and also works as a stopper which fits perfectly inside of the screw collar cap when hiding the spout inside of the gas can.
- Small size and potable.

Package Included:
1 x Gas Can Spout