Tig Welding Torch of WP-17F SR-17F Flexible Head Body Gas Cooled Black

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Made from, toughness and durability.
SR-17F WP-17F TIG torch head, body flexible and can fully interchangeable with Weld craft WP series torch.
Work work with 10N series collet/collet body, 57Y series back cap and 54N series/18CG-20 gasket.
Color: Black
Size: 20cm x 3.5cm/7.9'' x 1.4''
Operating pressure: 1 kg
Tube thickness: 30mm
Welding / cutting thickness: 300mm
Applicable tungsten needle: 0.6-2.4mm
Package includes: 
1 x WP-17F SR-17F Tig Welding Torch Head